About Water Filter Portal

We at WaterFilterPortal.com believe that everyone should be able to drink clean and healthy water. And to achieve that we provide high quality, transparent, accurate & unbiased reviews, and lots of great information.

This started when noticed some issues with our tap water, and after some research we found that in many cities, states and even countries the tap water didn’t have the minimum quality to drink, and was full of harmful contaminants.

So we become alert to the problem and tried to found solutions not only for our problem, but a way to help others in a similar situation. Also, we don’t want to spend our money in bottled water, so we tried to found ways to improve the quality of our tap water using a water filter.

But there are many types of water filters and brands, and each one has it’s own pros and cons, depending of the use they were designed for. There are also different water problems that you can have, that might need different solutions. So, that is why we created high quality content to help you make the best decision for your needs.

We performed extensive research, going through multiple sources of information and customer reviews & feedback, to extract the best insights and deliver them to you in a structured, accurate and easy to read format. And we are constantly checking new brands and solutions, to ensure that our guides and reviews are always up-to-date, showing you the best possible options for your needs, at the best price possible.


And while the detailed information that we make available in our website is a great way to help others, we feel that we can also help in a different way in countries with more difficulties.

That is why we decided to donate a significant part of our profits to Dispenser for Safe Water – an initiative of Evidence Action, Dispensers for Safe Water delivers free and reliable safe water access to nearly 4 million people living in rural Kenya, Uganda, and Malawi.

Feel free to join us helping the world to get clean and safe water do drink 😉

What To Do Now?

If you are reading this, it means that you are looking for a way to improve the quality of the water you and your family drink.

And that is great because we prepared lots of content to help you achieve that goal! So you can:

We hope you love the content we made available for you, and if you have any question and/or suggestion feel free to reach us.

The Water Filter Portal Team