11 Benefits of Proper Hydration to Improve Your Health

Here you will find the top 11 benefits of proper hydration.

Everyone is aware of the importance of water for our bodies, and that we can’t live without it. But we want to show why drinking water is so important by highlighting the main benefits of proper hydration.

We spent long hours researching expert sources to identify the best benefits of water consumption, backed up by studies.

Continue reading to find out the benefits and an infographic that summarizes them all.

#1 – Increases brain function

Studies have shown that even moderate dehydration, in the 1% to 3% range, can have a negative effect on your concentration, energy levels, memory capacity, and brain performance [1,2].

Around three quarters of your brain is water, so it is vital that you drink enough water to make sure that you are able to focus and have the right levels of energy and brainpower during the day.

#2 – Promotes cardiovascular health

If your body lacks enough water, it may negatively impact your heart because it will lower the volume of blood and your heart has to over-work to ensure that your body has enough oxygen.

If this happens frequently, it may lead to heart attacks or strokes [3], that is why it is so important to drink enough water to take care of the health of your heart!

#3 – Great for weight loss

Drinking water will help you if you are trying to lose weight for different reasons. Some studies have shown that drinking water may increase your weight loss by 44% in a 12 week period [4].

Also, if you are following a weight loss plan, drinking water is better for you than drinking diet beverages, because will lead to greater weight loss and will add extra benefits, like improving your insulin resistance [5].

Increasing your water consumption can make you more sated, which will lead you to eat less and avoid frequent snacks during the day, but will also increase your metabolism, which will make you burn more calories than usual.

Another potential benefit for weight loss is if you drink water before a meal – this method will help you reduce the meal energy intake [6].

#4 – Improves physical performance

If you exercise, make sure that you are well hydrated from the start, and that you drink regularly during the workout. Some studies have shown that dehydration impairs physical (and also mental) performance [7], with a special negative impact on activities that take more than 30 seconds [8].

#5 – Helps joints and muscles to work better

Proper hydration helps lubricate your joints, and improve the joint’s shock absorption capabilities, preventing joint pain.

If you dehydrate your muscles will tense up, which can cause muscle cramps. The water inside muscle cells helps cleansing waste allowing better performance [9].

#6 – Improves skin health

Lack of enough water in your body will make your skin less elastic, becoming more susceptible to skin issues [10].

Drinking water also helps to remove toxins from your body and skin, contributing to cellulite reduction and better skin health.

The only bad news is that proper hydration won’t prevent wrinkles 🙂

#7 – Regulates your body temperature

Sweating is a mechanism that the body has to cool down and regulate its temperature in an optimal way. That is why it is so important that you are well hydrated to ensure that your body is capable of regulating your temperature.

#8 – Prevents kidney damage

Your body uses water to filter waste from your body and blood, producing urine to expel it. If you are dehydrated the toxins in your body can accumulate, and may cause your kidneys to stop working.

Water may also help to dilute the concentration of minerals in your kidneys, which may prevent the formation of kidney stones (more studies are necessary to ensure this).

#9 – Helps to prevent and treat headaches

If you suffer from headaches, drinking water may help you in two different ways.

First, drinking water may help relieve headaches in people with frequent headaches

And second, other studies have shown that mild dehydration may trigger headaches [11], so good hydration may prevent headaches from showing off.

#10 – Relieves constipation

Having the right amount of water will help to improve your bowel movements, preventing constipation. Even if you consume fibers, if you don’t have enough water in your body, the stool won’t be soft enough to move through leading to constipation [12].

#11 – Prevents bad breath

Having enough water in your body not only keeps your lips moist but is especially important because it prevents your mouth from becoming dry which causes bad breath [13] and leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

11 Benefits of Proper Hydration Infographic

What Next?

Now that you are aware of the top benefits of drinking water, make sure you remain properly hydrated throughout the day.

A common recommendation is to drink around 8 glasses of water per day, but most important is that you drink water, and that becomes a habit for you. And if plain water sounds a bit boring for you, spice it up with a slice of lemon or lime!

If the water at your home isn’t great, don’t let it stop you from drinking water. First, learn more about water filters and then buy the best water filter for you to get your daily dose of pure water.