Is Filtered Water Better Than Bottled Water? All That You Need to Know

Learn how filtered water compare against bottled water

Water is an indispensable part of our daily routine. Our body comprises 60% water, and we need a certain amount of it to survive. However, what type of water you are drinking matters the most. Therefore, let’s explore where you can get the healthier water- filtered or bottled? Is filtered water better than bottled water?

The National Science Foundation survey shows that around three-fourth of Americans worry about drinking water contaminants, although the United States has one of the world’s healthiest drinking water and follows strict EPA regulations to prevent water contamination. Still, thousands of people in the US every year have severe health problems from contaminated water. 

Luckily, we have water filters and bottled water companies to save us from contaminated drinking water problems. But, the question is which is better, filtered water or bottled water? Let’s discuss the significant difference between both of them and conclude which one is the best.

What is Filtered Water?

Filtered water is water that passes through one or more stages of filtration, stages that can be composed of a physical, biological, or chemical process, to remove contaminants and impurities from it.

Filtered water is typically free of the main harmful contaminants that can be found in tap water, and is usually healthier, cleaner and tastier to drink.

There are different types of water filters that can be used at home to filter your tap water and deliver clean filtered water for you and your family.

There are water filters that filter the entire water of your household like the whole house water filters, water filters that remove all the particles from the water like Reverse Osmosis systems, water filters that can be installed in your kitchen to give you safe water to cook and drink like undersink water filters or faucet water filters, and many more.

What is Bottled Water

FDA states that bottled water is water whose main purpose is for human consumption and it’s sealed in bottles without any added ingredients unless it’s safe and suitable [1].

Basically is water, natural, treated, and/or filtered through different methods, packaged in bottles following good practices for processing and bottling defined by the FDA regulations.

Difference Between Filtered & Bottled Water

When we talk about water, we are not just talking about how being hydrated is essential but having contamination-free water is what makes a difference. So, bottled water is also pollutants-free, but we cannot vouch for every company.

Not every company provides us with the best-filtered water in a fancy plastic bottle. On the other hand, filtered water at home with a good water filter purifies the water from all the impurities, including metal deposits and chlorine. 

Bottled water is not much more than groundwater filtered and stored in plastic bottles. But if the bottle says mineral, spring, or mountain water, it may not undergo the same purification process, because water purifiers may also remove some minerals present in spring water.

Filtered Water Benefits Over Bottled Water

So, how win this comparison? Is filtered water better than bottled? What are the benefits of filtered water when compared with bottled water? Let’s find out:

#1: Certainly more healthier

When we buy bottled water, the main problem is that it comes in a plastic bottle. These bottles are made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that pollute the water with its harmful chemicals. BPA and phthalates are some of the most susceptible chemicals that leach water packed in a plastic bottle for prolonged periods. 

The chemical can have adverse effects on our health and may increase the risk of developing breast cancer, ADD, asthma, diabetes, and can also alter reproductive health.

According to Dr.Marchese [2], each bottled water has a number imprinted at the bottom, which depicts the leaching of chemicals in your water. This study recommends several ingredients present in bottles that must be avoided to prevent health issues.

On the flip side, filtered water is free of these harmful chemicals and contaminants, as it removes the main contaminants of tap water during the filtration process. You can install an RO system or other water filter type at your home and drink fresh filtered water every day. 

#2: Better cost-effective option

Roughly, everyone in the US hundreds of dollars in bottled water every year, which is relatively high.

Drinking bottled water is a huge money commitment every day, but on tother hand, installing a water filter is just a one-time investment. Apart from the one-time initial costs, you still have to replace filters with some frequency, but the total cost of ownership of a water filter is a small fraction of the annual costs of drinking bottled water.

Therefore, you will no longer be required to purchase water constantly and save both time and money. 

#3: Environmental Friendly

One of the most dangerous things on the planet that countries have been trying to ban for the past few years is plastic. Though it is recyclable, 60% of water bottles end up in dumpsters instead of recycling systems. In the US, millions of bottles are thrown every day, out of which some end up in landfills and others litter around, polluting the environment. 

Even the process of making these bottles is not environment-friendly. It requires as many gallons of oil as 10,000 cars use every year. On the contrary, filtered water is not only good for health, but it is also good for the environment.

If you change drinking bottled by filtered water you will be saving our planet of thousands of plastic bottles, which is really positive for the environment.

#4: It tastes the same or better than botted water

Almost every bottled water brand is selling filtered tap or groundwater, except spring water suppliers. So, people who believe the myth that bottled water tastes better are entirely wrong. It just tastes the same. Also, it is much less healthy than filtered water because of the harmful effects of chemicals leaching from plastic. 

Most people who drink more than 8 ounces of water every day and swear by its taste can recognize the taste difference between spring water and filtered water. Ask them, and they will tell you how much better filtered water tastes than spring water.

Almost all water filters will not only remove harmful contaminants but also bad taste and odors, which improve the water quality and taste.

#5: Convenient & abundant water supply

Lastly, the apparent advantage of filtered water is you can enjoy an almost endless supply of filtered water at your disposal. So, you will never run out of safe drinking water until you have a good water supply and a properly maintained water filter system. 

What Next

I guess now you might have got your answer. Yes, filtered water is safer and better than bottled water as it limits your exposure to chemicals present in plastic that can be harmful to your health.

And filtered water is not only healthier but has several other benefits like being cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

If you want to learn more about filtered water, check our complete guide about essential water filter information, and our comprehensive article about the different types of water filters to understand which one is better for your family.