Waterdrop G3P600 Reverse Osmosis System Review 2024

Waterdrop G3P600 Reverse Osmosis Review

This is our review of the Waterdrop G3P600 Reverse Osmosis System.

Deciding on the ideal Reverse Osmosis system for your home isn’t a walk in the park. With a slew of factors to weigh and a plethora of standout choices out there, it’s easy to feel like you’re swimming against the current in your quest for pure water. That’s precisely why we’ve poured our vast expertise in water filtration systems into this detailed review of the Waterdrop G3P600 Reverse Osmosis system. Our aim? To help you navigate these waters and figure out if this system is the catch of the day for your household needs.

When it comes to sifting through the multitude of RO systems, the Waterdrop G3P600 Reverse Osmosis series stands out. After rigorous testing and thorough comparison, we’ve come to believe that these systems are not just drops in the ocean of water purification. Both the WD-G3P600, with its streamlined efficiency, and the WD-G3P600-MZ, with the added bonus of a remineralization stage, have proven their mettle. Certified by NSF, these systems marry cutting-edge filtration technology with intelligent design and superior performance, providing you with water that’s not just safe, but downright delicious.

So, what’s the real scoop on these systems? In this granular review, we’ll quench your thirst for knowledge with a deep dive into the nitty-gritty of the Waterdrop G3P600 series. From their robust filtration prowess to their sleek design features, from their high-capacity delivery to their ease of maintenance, we’ll cover it all. Plus, we’ll sprinkle in genuine customer feedback and compare these systems with other big fish in the market. Whether you’re a family seeking the purest water or an individual with a keen eye for appliance aesthetics, we’ve got you covered.

Ready to dive in? Let’s make a splash and explore what the Waterdrop G3P600 Reverse Osmosis systems have to offer!

Waterdrop G3P600 Reverse Osmosis Overview

Waterdrop G3P600 RO System
Filtration Stages: 8
Efficiency Ratio: 2:1
Capacity: 600 GPD
Certifications: NSF 58 & 372 certified, and tested according to NSF 53, 58, 42, 401
Remineralization: No
UV Stage: No
Discount: WFP10 for 10% off
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Waterdrop G3P600 Remineralization RO System
Filtration Stages: 8
Efficiency Ratio: 2:1
Capacity: 600 GPD
Certifications: NSF 58 & 372 certified, and tested according to NSF 53, 58, 42, 401
Remineralization: Yes
UV Stage: No
Discount: WFP10 for 10% off
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Imagine having a personal water guardian under your kitchen sink, tirelessly working to ensure every drop of water is meticulously purified before it kisses your lips. That’s the Waterdrop G3P600 series for you.

These systems are more than just filters; they’re a testament to the pursuit of purity. Engineered to strip away a vast array of contaminants, they leave nothing but clean, safe, and refreshing water. With the might to process up to 600 gallons per day, they’re designed to meet the demands of both thirsty families and discerning individuals alike.

But what makes these systems not just good, but great? For starters, the NSF certifications they hold are like a badge of honor, showcasing their ability to meet stringent health and safety standards. They don’t just reduce contaminants—they annihilate them, banishing chlorine, lead, bacteria, and other unsavory elements to safeguard your well-being.

And for those who yearn for more than purity, the WD-G3P600-MZ model takes it a step further with a remineralization stage, adding back beneficial minerals that enhance both the taste and the healthfulness of your water.

Waterdrop G3P600 Reverse Osmosis System Filtration Capabilities

When it comes to the purity of your water, the Waterdrop G3P600 series doesn’t just perform—it excels with flying colors. These systems don’t play around; they mean serious business, boasting an impressive array of filtration stages that cast a wide net over contaminants. With each stage meticulously designed to target specific impurities, the combined might of this filtration juggernaut captures and reduces contaminants to a remarkable degree, with some tests showing up to 99% effectiveness. But it’s not just about the numbers—it’s about peace of mind.

The series is equipped to tackle a veritable who’s who of contaminants. We’re talking chlorine, lead, fluoride, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, and the list goes on. It’s not just about making water safe, but ensuring it meets the high standards of taste and quality that your palate deserves. NSF certifications are the cherry on top, reaffirming that these systems adhere to the highest of safety standards.

Now, let’s talk stages. The Waterdrop G3P600 doesn’t stop at one or two—it brings an 8-stage filtration process to the table. Each stage is a critical player in the purification league, ensuring that by the time water reaches your glass, it’s nothing short of pristine.

And while the base model already sets a high bar, the WD-G3P600-MZ model goes the extra mile with its remineralization stage. This isn’t just filtration, it’s water enhancement, reintroducing beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium that not only improve taste but also contribute to your dietary needs.


In the world of water filters, UV stages are often touted for their bacteria-busting abilities. While the Waterdrop G3P600 series doesn’t include UV filtration, its comprehensive multi-stage process ensures that even the tiniest of harmful particles don’t slip through. And for those who are mineral-minded, the remineralization stage in the WD-G3P600-MZ is like the encore at the end of an already show-stopping performance, fine-tuning the water’s profile to perfection.

Waterdrop G3P600 Reverse Osmosis Performance

If water filtration had an Olympics, the Waterdrop G3P600 series would be stepping onto the podium for its performance. Efficiency isn’t just a buzzword here; it’s the core philosophy that powers every drop of water these systems purify.

Let’s chat about the waste water ratio—a figure that often casts a long shadow over the world of reverse osmosis systems. The Waterdrop G3P600 series shines with a ratio that’s nothing short of exemplary. Boasting a 2:1 pure to drain ratio, it’s a standout in the industry, eclipsing many competitors who are still splashing around with ratios as high as 1:4.

What does this mean for you and our blue planet? It means less water down the drain and more in your glass. It’s a nod to sustainability that doesn’t just whisper eco-friendly; it shouts it. In a world increasingly conscious of resource conservation, the Waterdrop G3P600 series steps up as a paragon of environmental consideration. It’s a system that aligns with the values of those who care for Mother Earth as much as they care for the purity of their water.

Waterdrop G3P600 Reverse Osmosis Capacity

When thirst calls, the Waterdrop G3P600 series answers with a resounding roar, not a meek whisper. With a robust capacity to churn out a whopping 600 gallons per day (GPD), this series is like having a mini Niagara Falls under your sink. It’s designed for those who demand a lot from their water system, ensuring that whether it’s for cooking, drinking, or filling up pots for your home garden, you’ll have a consistent and generous flow at your command.

Now, let’s translate that impressive GPD into something a little more tangible—like flow rate. With the Waterdrop G3P600 series, you’re looking at a flow rate that delivers water at about 0.42 gallons per minute (GPM). To put that into perspective, filling up a standard glass of water, which can leave you tapping your foot with some systems, becomes a near-instant gratification with the G3P600 as you can do it in just 8 seconds.

This capacity isn’t just about quantity; it’s about the lifestyle it supports. It’s for the bustling family kitchen where a pitcher is always in need of refilling, the home office seeking the convenience of quick breaks for a glass of water, or the health-conscious individual who keeps track of their daily water intake meticulously. With the G3P600 series, the phrase ‘plenty of water to go around’ isn’t just a saying—it’s a daily reality.

Waterdrop G3P600 Reverse Osmosis Design Features

In the world of kitchen appliances, the Waterdrop G3P600 series doesn’t just blend in—it stands out with a sleek, modern design that’s as functional as it is stylish. Let’s talk about what sets it apart, starting with the auto-flush feature. This clever function keeps the system in tip-top shape by automatically washing away the collected contaminants, ensuring longevity and consistent performance without any extra fuss on your part.

But the ingenuity doesn’t stop there. The series boasts a tankless design, a feature that’s less about what you see and more about what you don’t. Gone are the days of bulky tanks taking up valuable under-sink real estate. This is a system that understands the premium on space in modern homes, slipping in neatly to provide its vital service without demanding a storage sacrifice.

Now, onto the pièce de résistance: the smart display faucet. This isn’t just a tap—it’s a window into your water’s soul. With TDS monitoring and filter life detection, it provides real-time updates on water quality and system status, ensuring you’re never left guessing about the safety of your sip. It’s like having a water sommelier on hand every time you turn on the tap, reassuring you that every glass is as perfect as the last.


Waterdrop G3P600 Reverse Osmosis Annual Cost

Keeping your water pure shouldn’t mean emptying your wallet into the abyss, and with the Waterdrop G3P600 series, it doesn’t. Let’s break down the brass tacks of what it’ll cost to keep these systems running smoothly over a calendar year.

For the WD-G3P600 model, your annual expenditure caps at a reasonable $144.97. This includes a biannual swap of the Pre-Sediment & Carbon Block Filter at $29.99 each and a yearly change of the Activated Carbon Filter at the same price. The Reverse Osmosis Filter, which stands the test of time for a full two years, only tacks on half its cost annually, at $54.99.

  1. WD-G3-N1CF Filter for Waterdrop G3P800 & G3P600 & G3 RO System
    Filter Duration: 6 months
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  2. WD-G3-N3CB Filter for Waterdrop G3P800 & G3 RO System
    Filter Duration: 12 months
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  3. WD-G3P600-N2RO Filter for Waterdrop G3P600 RO System
    Filter Duration: 24 months
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Turning our attention to the WD-G3P600-MZ, you’ll be looking at an annual cost of $174.96. This factors in the additional Mineral Water Filter, essential for that remineralization magic, at $29.99, ensuring your water is not just pure but mineral-rich.

MNR35 Remineralization Filter for All Series RO Systems
Filter Duration: 9 to 12 months
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Note: Prices are subject to change based on the manufacturer’s discretion and market factors.

While the individual filter costs for the WD-G3P600 add up to $144.97 annually, savvy shoppers have the option to purchase a 2-year pack for $289.93.

This pack includes all the necessary filters for a full 24 months, mirroring the annual cost with no extra charge. It’s a strategic pick for those who prefer to have all their filters on deck, ready for action, without the need for multiple shopping trips. It simplifies maintenance, keeps you equipped, and ensures your system never skips a beat in delivering high-quality, purified water.

Waterdrop 2-Year Combo: Pack of 2 WD-G3-CF Filters and 1 WD-G3-CB Filter and 1 WD-G3P600-N2RO Filter
Filter Duration: 24 months
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Waterdrop G3P600 Reverse Osmosis Installation & Maintenance

Gone are the days when installing a reverse osmosis system required a phone book’s worth of plumbers’ contacts. The Waterdrop G3P600 series redefines simplicity with a design that’s DIY-friendly, allowing even the most tool-challenged among us to take the helm of installation. This ease of installation is a breath of fresh air for homeowners who dread the complexity and potential expense of setting up new appliances.

The installation process is straightforward and streamlined, thanks in part to the tankless design which eliminates the need to accommodate bulky storage tanks under the sink. With clear instructions and labeled components, the setup becomes a painless, no-sweat affair that can be accomplished in about 30 minutes — less time than it takes to bake a batch of cookies!

And if you ever find yourself in a pickle, the installation video is a click away, acting as your visual guide through each step. Here’s where you’ll find the video to guide you through every twist and turn:

As for maintenance, the Waterdrop G3P600 series keeps it just as unfussy. The auto-flush feature is a godsend, automatically purging the system of accumulated contaminants and reducing the need for manual intervention.

Filter changes are a cinch, with a design that allows for a quick switch in mere seconds — no tools or phone calls to the plumber necessary. It’s about giving you more time to enjoy your purified water and less time worrying about the nuts and bolts.

Waterdrop G3P600 Reverse Osmosis Reviews

The proof of the Waterdrop G3P600 series’ prowess is best served in the words of those who use it daily. Let’s pour over what some users have to say:

A coastal dweller, burdened by high particulates and chlorine in their water, turned to the internet for a solution. They found solace in the Waterdrop series, sharing on Amazon, “The water filter was a game-changer for us during the pandemic, significantly reducing our bottled water purchases and providing us with clean, taste-free water.”

Another user, echoing sentiments on the supplier’s website, praises the system’s efficiency: “With its advanced 8-stage filtration process and 600 gallons per day capacity, this tankless RO system ensures clean and great-tasting water for all our needs.”

These reviews are just a snapshot of the widespread acclaim the system has received, underscored by a robust 4.6 user rating on Amazon. The community of Waterdrop users consistently rates this system highly, attesting to its quality and reliability.

Waterdrop G3P600 Reverse Osmosis Alternatives

While the Waterdrop G3P600 Reverse Osmosis system is a good option for most households, it may not be the ideal solution for everyone. If you’re looking for alternatives, there are other reputable brands and models available on the market that you can consider.

Best Overall
Waterdrop G3P800 RO System

A great alternative is the Waterdrop G3P800 Reverse Osmosis system.

This is one of the best Reverse Osmosis systems in the market, as this tankless NSF-certified system removes up to 99.9% of the water contaminants, comes packed with several smart features like a TDS meter or a filter life indicator in-built on a designer faucet, has one of the best waste water ratio performances of 3:1, and it's easy to install.

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Frizzlife PD600-TAM3 Alkaline Remineralization RO System

A great alternative is the Frizzlife PD600-TAM3 Reverse Osmosis system.

This Reverse Osmosis can reduce 99.9% of the contaminants in the water, and includes a remineralization filter that adds back beneficial minerals which raise the water pH to more than 7.5 making it more alkaline and improving its taste.

This system has an amazing performance as its waste water ratio is one of the best in the market at 1.5:1.

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Best for Well Water
iSpring RCC7AK-UV 75 GPD 7-Stage with Alkaline UV RO System

If you need to deal with well water the iSpring RCC7AK-UV Reverse Osmosis system might be the solution for you.

This NSF-certified RO system removes 99.9% of water contaminants through 7 stages of filtration, which the last one is composed of a UV filter that inactivates viruses and bacteria that are commonly found in well water.

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Our Verdict

The Waterdrop G3P600 series distinguishes itself as a top-tier water filtration solution, merging state-of-the-art purification with ease of use and eco-friendly efficiency. The tankless design is a space saver, the smart faucet provides valuable water quality insights, and the system’s robust performance ensures that your water is not only safe but also deliciously pure.

Choosing between the WD-G3P600 and the WD-G3P600-MZ comes down to personal preference. For uncomplicated, high-quality filtration, the WD-G3P600 is ideal, especially where space is at a premium. Those seeking to enhance their water with beneficial minerals will find the WD-G3P600-MZ with its remineralization stage to be a superior fit, perfect for enhancing both taste and health benefits. Whichever model you choose, Waterdrop promises a transformative water filtration experience.

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