Water Conservation: Key Facts and Why Save Water For The Future

Check the most relevant facts about water conservation and learn more about the key benefits of saving water

Apart from air, water is the most fundamental resource in our lives, and there is already a limited supply of clean water in some regions of the world. 

The amount of water on our planet is the same that existed thousands of years ago, so clean and fresh water is a limited resource that we need to protect. This is why save water is so important, to make sure that even with population growth and climate changes we still can have fresh water available to everyone.

In this article, we are going to talk about some key questions about water conservation, such as the key water conservation facts, why we should save water, and the main benefits of saving water.

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Water Conservation Key Facts

Water is vital for our lives and we need to conserve it to ensure our future. And to understand better why we need to conserve water, let’s go through some key facts about water:

  • 71% of the earth is covered in water [1]
  • 97% of the world’s water is salt water found in oceans and seas, so it’s undrinkable [2]
  • From the 3% of Earth’s fresh water, only 0.5% is available for drinking [3]
  • Globally, the agricultural sector consumes about 70% of the planet’s accessible freshwater [4]
  • According to the United Nations, two-thirds of the world’s population is projected to face water scarcity by 2025 [5]
  • Less than 1% of the treated water produced by water utilities is actually consumed – most of it goes to lawns, washing machines, and down toilets and drains
  • More than half of the U.S. population (54%) lives in cities that have vulnerable water supplies [6]

Looking closely at these facts is easy to see that only a small percentage of the planet’s water is usable to us, and with such an intensive water consumption like we have in today’s society and with the population increase, there is a big risk of water shortage in the near future.

Why Save Water for the Future?

Water is a fundamental but also a limited resource, and as seen above, only a small fraction of it can be used. 

Saving water is something that everyone needs to contribute to, we cannot expect governments and scientists to solve the problem for us, everyone needs to make their part and save water whenever possible.

Below are some of the main reasons it is important to conserve water.

#1 – Fundamental in Multiple Daily Activities

We all know that we need to drink water to survive, but it has other important uses. We use water in several of our daily activities, such as bathing, cooking, cleaning, etc. With water being used in so many fundamental uses, we need to conserve water to ensure a healthy future for our kids.

And there are many other activities that we use water, like watering lawns, washing cars, watering flowers, in swimming pools, golf courses, etc. and the list goes on and on. So, water is fundamental not only for direct day-to-day activities but also for many other uses that have an impact on our lives.

#2 – Food Cannot Grow Without Water

Fruits and vegetables need water to grow, so it is vital to save water for our future to make sure that we can irrigate our crops. If we can’t achieve this, then without water, the population will inevitably starve to death.

#3 – Protects Our Ecosystem and Wildlife

We are not alone on our planet, and the other animals and plants also need water to survive. And is not only for drinking purposes, some of them use water for bathing, breeding, and sheltering.

To ensure our planet’s sustainability is fundamental that we conserve water.

#4 – Saves You Money

This is one of the most direct benefits of saving water: you pay for the water that you use, so if you consume less water, your water bill will be lower.

You can try a water usage calculator to check your water consumption against the average person and find some areas in which you can save water in your daily life.

Saving water is not just good for the environment, is also good for your finances!

#5 – Conserving Water Saves Energy

A large amount of energy is required to pump clean water to our homes. A study [7] has shown that around 4% of the country electricity consumption comes from water-related uses, and just in California, another study [8] has shown that 8% of total energy consumption is spent on water transportation and purification, and almost 20% of California’s electricity consumption is linked to water-related uses.

So if we can save clean water, we will also save energy, which will bring a positive impact to our environment.

#6 – Water is Finite

Our water supply is not infinite, and only a small fraction of it (less than 1%) is drinkable. The population is rapidly increasing, so we need to start saving water to make sure this limited resource will be available for everyone in the future.

#7 – Reduce Drought and Water Shortages Impact

While the water supply on our planet is constant, water demands keep increasing which can lead to water shortages.

Also, the available quantity of water in different places can vary, causing drought in certain periods and areas.

Water is not that portable, so if there is a shortage of water in an area, is not easy to get water there even if it’s available in another city or country. If we can save clean water, we will reduce the negative impact of these two scenarios.

7 Key Reasons to Save Clean Water

What Next

Water is a key resource in our lives but is also a finite one, that is why we need to protect it. If we want to continue to have access to clean water in our near future, saving water is the most important action we can do now.

Water conservation is something that everyone should be aware and we all should do our part in it. While it takes some effort, it’s relatively easy to reduce water consumption in our day-to-day lives and help to protect our environment and ensure our kids’ future.