Water Use Calculator: Find Out Your Water Footprint

Want to know how much water do you use in your household? Check our “Water Use Calculator” to find it out!

You probably already questioned yourself how much water do you use in your day-to-day activities, like taking a shower or washing your clothes. With our “Water Use Calculator” you can understand how much water you use in your entire household, how much water you consume daily, and how you compare against the average person.

Having an idea of how much water you use and where you use it, is the first step to understand how you can conserve water. We take for granted that we can use a great amount of water per day, but this intensive resource consumption has a big impact on our environment. So any small amount of water that we can save daily, will have a positive impact on our future.

Our Water Calculator will help you find out in an easy way how much water you spend and in which activities. Check how to use the calculator and fill in the information to have an estimate of your water usage.

How Does the “Water Use Calculator” Works?

We built our water calculator to be easy to use, so you just need to go through the different questions and use the sliders or dropdowns to select values that apply to your situation. When it makes sense, we already pre-defined some values, that you can always change, that apply to most of the population.

For example, if you want to know how much water is used daily in your household in showers, you just need to select how many showers are taken each day, how long it takes an average shower (by default is already selected 8 min, that is the average), and if you have a low flow showerhead (the default value is low because that is the most common scenario).

Then the shower water usage is automatically calculated, giving you an estimate of how water is spent daily in showers in your household.

How to Use the Water Calculator

You can move through the different sections and update with the relevant information when it applies, and at the end, you will have a summary of how much water is used in your household and by you, per day, month and year, and how it compares against the average American.

Water Use Calculator Summary Example

You will also find out a chart with the breakdown of your usage between indoor and outdoor activities.

Water Use Calculator

What Next

Now that you know how much water you use in your household with the help of our calculator, check if there is an area where you could save some water. Even a small amount of water saved per day will have a great impact on our environment 🙂

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